We all know that you are what you eat. W8 GYM has provided you with the tools to exercise but without the correct fuel, you won't get optimum results. So, we're delighted and proud to have partnered with World renowned certified nutritionist Barbara Cox. Barbara is the only European on the World Wellness Council. She is a world-class nutritionist, author, successful businesswoman, and highly sought after consultant for athletes, celebrities, and various organizations so you're getting only the very best information. The recipient of the prestigious UK Entrepreneur award from the British Chamber of Commerce in 2008, Barbara brings incredible energy, positivity and amazing healthy lifestyle knowledge to the W8 GYM team. Barbara makes such a positive difference to people's lives; she has helped overweight clients whose weight loss gave them renewed confidence and happiness; people suffering from illness whose energy levels returned and symptoms disappeared; company owners and employees who now have increased vitality and mental sharpness; and professional sportsmen and women with new-found stamina. And of course, the everyday person like us who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. Barbara will be sharing positive tips, recipes and nutritional advice so make sure you're signed up for all her inspirations. Create the health you deserve!