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The World's most versatile
Home 'GYM in a Box'

Over 200 Exercises Possible

For a


When we were designing the W8 GYM, we asked people what they really wanted from a piece of home exercise equipment.

What they wanted was something effective and simple to use.

Something they could use every day but which wouldn’t take up loads of space or be too much hassle.

It needed to be suitable for the absolute beginner as well as the more advanced user.

It had to be compact and versatile (we made it portable too).

So….. we made it.  😍

Why choose W8 GYM?

No waiting for classes or travel time to the gym.

Compact and portable. No clutter or mess from loads of different equipment.

No more expensive gym fees or travel costs. Workout when you want, where you want.

Exercise for any age, any ability, any place, any time

There are so many of us who wouldn’t dream of going to a gym.

Either because of the cost involved, of being too self-conscious of our bodies, or the time and hassle involved.

Now you can


  • Gemma (25) recently had a lovely baby boy and now can’t get to the gym. She does her W8 GYM workout in front of the tv, with little Leo asleep in his cot beside her. 👼
  • Megan and Ricky (29, 34) love to go camping. They both enjoy using their W8 GYMs out in the fresh morning air. It’s no trouble taking the W8 GYM with them on their trips. ⛺
  • Simon (61) uses his W8 GYM to strengthen his grip and forearms to improve his golf swing after an operation on his neck. 🏌️‍♂️
  • Mo (82) uses a gentle W8 GYM routine every morning to keep her supple and maintain her strength and balance.
  • Carol (42) is working on banishing her bingo wings and tightening her tummy with her W8 GYM.
  • Daisy and Molly (37, 40)  enjoy working out together and go round each others’ homes every other day for a W8 GYM session.

If you follow any of your favourite fitness gurus, like Joe Wicks, Kayla Itsines or Davina McCall, you will see how the W8 GYM complements their workouts and offers many additional benefits.

Keep your weight in check, your heart healthy and your muscles toned. ❤️

Use it every day; eat well; get results.

  • Louisa Lytton aka Ruby Allen in Eastenders says  "It’s so hard to find time to work out with a job that requires 12 hour days but with W8 GYM I can literally work out in my dressing room or in my bedroom at home! "
  • Nick (57) prefers to do HIIT routines with his W8 GYM for the cardio benefits and to keep his weight down.
  • Fleur East (31) works out at home with her W8 GYM after her morning breakfast radio show in Manchester.
  • Ryan (20) is a qualified personal trainer and uses the W8 GYM to instruct his clients in their own homes.
  • Sean (57) lives in Australia and exercises twice a day with his W8 GYM beside the pool in the sunshine (lucky devil)  😎




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Chris Evans Breakfast Show

Listen to what Chris and his trusty Sports Expert Vassos Alexander have to say about the W8 GYM on his breakfast radio show on Virgin Radio.

The W8 GYM is the best thing to saves you money...I cancelled my gym membership because I knew the w8 gym would help me lose weight. Amazing exercises and you don’t even have to leave your house. I recommend people to buy it. Thank you for bringing this piece of equipment into my life😊 xx

Monique Weeden

2 APR 2017, 12:21

"I love my W8 GYM 🙌 because I don’t have to pay expensive gym memberships and I can do the exercise at home so no excuses that is raining or is too cold to leave the house :) I would really recommend it if you are not really comfortable going to the gym etc. I love that I can do more than 200 exercises with it and use it as step, dumbbells, kettlebell so it gives me a full body workout at home. Plus it doesn’t take up too much space and looks cute in my room and on Instagram which obviously is a plus. Really Recommend you get one sooner than later" 🙌

Ewelina Blachut

15 SEP 2017, 14:42

I've had my W8 GYM since July, only recently been using it fully and I absolutely love it!! So easy to use its just there with everything I need. My strength training is going fantastic, toning up is easy I love it! Everyone should have a W8 GYM , honestly!!!

Zeta Mountford

15 SEP 2017, 14:42

Louisa Lytton from Eastenders

Louisa Lytton, who plays Ruby Allen in the popular BBC1 soap Eastenders, says "It’s so hard to find time to work out with a job that requires 12 hour days but with W8 GYM I can literally work out in my dressing room or in my bedroom at home! "