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The W8 GYM is the World's first truly innovative, portable, home 'GYM in a Box'. Its' uniqueness is that you can change the W8 (weight) of the unit because it has 10kgs of removable dumbbells. This means it works for all fitness levels because you can change the weight to suit your ability. You can use it empty which weighs 3.5kg or gradually add dumbbells incrementally up to it's full weight of 14.5kgs.  It also has 3 sets of different strength resistance bands (Light=5kgs, Medium=10kgs, Heavy=15kgs) The unit has 3 eyelets on each side so you can attach 1, 2 or even all 3 sets of bands at the same time so you can go from 5kgs right upto 30kgs on each side.  Attachable handles and ankle/wrist straps are also neatly packed inside along with a door anchor so it allows the user to 'Change the W8 not the equipment' to perform over 200 exercises with just the one unit. There is no other single piece of fitness equipment like the W8 GYM on the market. 

The W8 GYM can be used to exercise as a step, kettlebell, barbell, medicine ball, dumbbell, for assisted push-ups, assisted dips, rowing, cross country skiing, boxing, cycling, cardio, abs, strength, toning, HIIT, LIIT, using the dumbbells by themselves, using the resistance bands by themselves or with the door anchor etc. Quite honestly, the list is endless.

The unit is 52cm Long handle to handle x 35cm Wide x 12cm High and weighs 14.5KG fully packed and 3.5KG empty.

To change the W8 simply unscrew the 8-knob and remove the lid. Choose which dumbbell(s) you want to remove. To remove a dumbbell, hold the unit with one hand and lift the dumbbell by one of the heads which will cantilever against the base and lift up. To return the dumbbell(s) hold the dumbbell by both ends, position the centre of the handle over the clip and press down. Adjust if necessary so the dumbbell is seated level. Replace the lid. You can use the unit empty which weighs 3.5kgs or gradually add the 10kgs of dumbbells incrementally up to it's maximum of 14.5kgs.

Shipping is £7.99 to mainland UK via DPD Express tracked. Orders placed before 2pm on a working day will be dispatched the same day and will normally be delivered within the next 1-3 working days. Shipping to the Scottish Highlands, Islands and N. Ireland is £9.99 but takes 2-5 working days after dispatch.

Shipping to the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight is £9.99 and usually takes 3-5 working days after dispatch. 

Once shipping to the EU has been resolved efficiently we will ship to the countries listed below. If your country is not listed please email us at to request a rate.

Shipping to Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland is £12.99 and takes between 3-5 working days after dispatch.

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Saudi Arabia is £70 and takes 3-5 working days after dispatch.

Greece is £25Norway and Switzerland costs £25 + £25 Customs charge = £50 and takes between 3-5 working days after dispatch

There are 4 different colours of W8 GYM's but each weighs the same and has the same contents and functionality. The W8 GYM fully packed weighs 14.5kg. There are 10kg's of dumbbells, 2x2.5kg, 2x1.5kg, 2x 1kg. Empty the unit weighs 3.5kgs, so by gradually adding the dumbbells, there are 19 different weight variations up to 14.5kgs.

Each unit comes with 10KG of removable Dumbbells = 2 x 2.5KG Black, 2 x 1.5KG Grey, 2x 1KG Coloured, 3 sets of attachable Latex Resistance Bands with carabiners = 2x 15KG Black, 2x 10KG Grey, 2x 5KG Coloured, 2 x Attachable robust handles, 2 x Attachable padded Ankle/Wrist Straps, 1 x Door Anchor, 1 x 500 x 370 x 3mm W8 GYM Protective Floor Mat, 1 x Instruction/Workout Manual. Plus there are Free Workout videos and an Exercise Library you can follow on our website which we are constantly adding to. 

We've found over 200 exercises so far and still discovering more. One thing for sure is you won't get bored!

Literally, anyone who wants to exercise at any age and at any fitness level. Teenagers, university students, mums with newborns, stay at home mums, people working from home, people who are body conscious, retired, home executives, rehabilitation/physical therapy, basically anyone who wants to exercise, anywhere.

Anywhere there's a 2M x 2M space you can do a complete full body workout. As the W8 GYM is so compact and portable a lot of people will use it at home because it's so versatile, saves space and easily stores under the bed, in a cupboard etc. Some people like to leave theirs out as they look cool unlike a lot of ugly gym equipment. Others have one at work to do a quick session at lunchtime or for a quick break. Being portable, others take it with them travelling. In a car, caravan, mobile home, tent, plane, ship -it's a portable gym. A lot of hotels and motels don't have gyms and not everyone wants to exercise in front of other people. Plus you have the FREE Workouts and Exercise Library to follow on our website which we are constantly adding to, so you always have your Personal Trainer with you on your phone or computer. 

Along with the Instruction Manual that comes with it, we also have FREE Workout videos and an Exercise Library to follow on our website which we are constantly adding to so you always have your Personal Trainer to access on your phone or computer. We are also adding Blogs, Articles and Tips in the Blog/Article section.

Each W8 GYM comes with a small protective mat to prevent slipping and protect your floor.

The Gold Edition has Gold chrome handles, gold resistance bands and gold 1kg dumbbells. Chroming the handles is a specialised process which can only be done by government approved factories which comply with environmental emissions therefore, they are more expensive to manufacture. The gold bands and dumbbells also have a specialised gold paint additive. The Green, Pink and White have Black steel handles. However, the functionality of all W8 GYM's is exactly the same so it really comes down to which colour suits your personality. 

Our bands are made of natural Latex as they are higher in quality, more durable and smoother on the skin than some of the cheaper bands available. However, as they are made of natural materials the colour will fade slightly over time which is normal. Our bands are custom made with steel carabiners on either end so you can attach them to the eyelets on the W8 GYM or the metal hoop on the door anchor. The advantages of this are that the bands will be equidistant and also not ping up from under your foot. They can be used with the included heavy duty handles or the padded Wrist/Ankle straps. We always recommend checking the bands for any cuts or tears before using. You can use 1, 2 or even all 3 strength bands on the W8 GYM so you can have 6 strength variations from 5 to 10 to 15 to 20 to 25 to 30kgs on each handle! If you're strong enough you could even have a 10, 15 + 15 kg on one side making 40kgs! 3 sets of Resistance Bands with carabiners on each end are included in every W8 GYM 2x5kg Coloured, 2x10kg Grey, 2x 15kg Black. They are all packed inside the W8 GYM (see Videos of how to pack the W8 GYM, attach Resistance Bands and use the Door Anchor are all under FREE Workouts)

The W8 GYM has been through and successfully passed numerous technical tests for strength and integrity. The maximum weight recommended is 22 Stone/308lbs or 140kgs.