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About W8 GYM

Welcome to W8 GYM (weight gym). Our Mission is to make it possible for anyone, of any age or ability to own their own GYM. Our ethos is to provide you with the tools to enable you to be the healthiest and best version of you. It's a not a fad, it's a LIFESTYLE and a constantly evolving journey. So, embrace and enjoy it! Our belief is that the meaning of life is to recognize oneself, never stop learning and to evolve for the better. Living is to be in motion, in play and to have fun! Remaining the same and being stagnant is the very opposite of living. When a person recognises the need for change, takes responsibility for their own well-being, makes a decision, commits to it and takes action then great things can happen.

W8 GYM was created by Nick Meaney, Clive Payne and Fleur East. To find out more about our story please click on the 'Change the W8 not the Equipment' video below. 

There is no secret formula to becoming and staying fit and healthy. It takes desire, making a decision, commitment, knowledge and most of all application. The W8 GYM provides you with the ability to exercise all parts of the body. We're building the FREE exercise library as a resource so you have the knowledge and don't get bored. (See FREE Workouts)  We're starting to build the Blog/Article section to provide you with tips. It's an on-going process. Join us.


The W8 GYM is the World's most versatile, compact, multi-functional, portable, 'GYM in a Box'


SAVES SPACE: It's compact and everything packs neatly into the unit so it can be easily stored/hidden. A full body workout anywhere there's a 2M x 2M space.

CONVENIENCE: It can be used anywhere, at home, in the office, outdoors, on the road, travelling, at work, you can workout anywhere there's a 2M x 2M space.

SAVES TIME: No commuting, workout whenever you want, in the time you have available, no waiting or fighting for equipment, no full exercise classes, no days of missed exercise due to lack of time (10 mins at home or work is better than nothing).

SAVES MONEY: You own your own gym! No membership fees, no travelling costs, no time wasting. Time is money.

OVER 200 EXERCISES POSSIBLE: The W8 GYM can be used as a Step, Kettlebell, Medicine ball, Barbell, Dumbbell, Assisted Push-ups & Dips, a multitude of Resistance Band exercises, Cardio, Abs, Jumping, Cycling, Boxing, Rowing, Lunges, Squats, Upper Body, Lower Body, Torso, etc.

Change the Exercise NOT the Equipment

Change the WEIGHT or RESISTANCE NOT the Equipment: The W8 GYM has 10KGS of REMOVABLE Dumbbells (2x 2.5KG Black, 2x 1.5KG Grey, 2x 1KG Coloured) Empty the unit weighs 3.5KG. Adding the dumbbells allows 19 variations of weight. Fully packed it weighs 14.5KG.

There are 3 sets of different strength (2x 5KG Coloured, 2x 10KG Grey, 2x 15KG Black) Resistance bands with Carabiners on each end to attach to the eyelets on the W8 GYM so the bands won't slip and have a fixed place and are equidistant. The carabiners can be attached to the exercise handles, Wrist/Ankle Straps or the Door Anchor (See Free Workouts how to attach). The bands can be attached in combinations to the W8 GYM eyelets and Door Anchor to make 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40KGS of resistance.